Nov 2011

Glitz & Glam

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What more could a girl want for her birthday than a little bit of style, elegance and old Hollywood glamour? FIVE DOLLAR SHAKE makes the most beautiful cards as part of their Travilla Collection. They are adorned with artistic renderings by Bill Travilla, an Academy Award winning fashion and costume designer who worked with such icons as Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Faye Dunaway, Judy Garland, Marlene Deitrich…….

The perfect card to give to the perfect Icon in your life.

Nov 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Today I am thankful for the lovely friend that flew in yesterday and brought Bodo’s everything bagels (even though someone at JFK offered him $5 a bagel when she caught a whiff).  My lovely husband who made the egg, bacon and bagel breakfast sandwich this morning which was heaven, and the little lady Charlie who sat patiently waiting for a scrap of bacon to fall. Wishing my family and friends and followers all the best!



Nov 2011

Camden Passage

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Camden Passage is a vintage glory walk. Every Wednesday & Saturday the market pops up for independent dealers to showcase their wares. You will find a little bit of everything including unique vintage housewares, jewellery, clothing, art, and the odd trinket that you just can not live without. The pricing is much more reasonable than other popular markets in London and do not be afraid to negotiate on the price especially if buying more than one item.  The passage is also lined with great little vintage stores and some fabulous spots to grab a bite to eat including The Breakfast Club for your all American fill, The Elk in the Woods for a quick tapas snack and Kipferl for a Viennese coffee pick me up. A perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday morning.


Camden Passage
Islington, Greater London N1 8EA
Hours: Wednesday & Saturday from around 7:30am to 4:00pm