Sep 2012


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Hi lovelies! Since the (unofficial) theme of the week is sweatshirts I thought I would share a few of my current favourites with you! All perfectly comfortable and glamorously casual.  For a relaxed look on the go try pairing a sweatshirt with a pair of skinny denim and interesting flats, or glam them up with a skirt, or over a dress with some great heels and accessories.  Cheers!


Garance Dore for Kate Spade What a great design collaboration! It is pretty much sold out, but here’s to hoping they replenish the stock!


Manngo’s Paris Boutique sweatshirt is a little confusing.  Are we in Paris here or New York? Either way you can share your love of both cities and it has the word Paris in sequins!


Great Gatsby Novel Sweatshirt. One of my favourite books! I can not wait for the Baz Luhrmann film to come out this Christmas.


Gap Men’s Sweatshirt I just picked this one up! I am debating about whether to embark on a little DIY and paint the wings in gold….. or the letters.


J.Crew houndstooth sweatshirt. I love the pattern and this is by far one of the most well disguised and versatile sweatshirt options.

Sep 2012

Walk the Plank

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Ahoy mateys!  This week has just unofficially become the official week for sweatshirts.  I can not get enough of them!  They no longer have to be relegated to the casual or grunge (gasp!) categories.  We are making them fabulous again!  You can dress them up for a night out on the town or, depending upon your office environment, you could  begin to incorporate them into your work wardrobe for Fall.  (It helps having a sequin skull to distract your boss away from the fact that it is a sweatshirt.)  Bonus points if every time you walk by your co-workers you give them a good “Arrrrr….” or just answer all your phone calls with “Whooooo be this a callin’?” in a creepy pirate voice.  Cheers!

trousers: H&M (old, but good pair here & here),  sweatshirt: French Connection,  shoes: J.Crew (neon pumps(!!) here), shades: Asos,  earrings: vintage (loving these),  purse: Chanel vintage (similar here),  lips: Lipstick Queen Medieval

Sep 2012

Museum Day

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Hi lovelies! If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add new life to a handbag I thought of this fabulous idea recently.  I swapped out the strap on one of my vintage bags with a strap from my hot pink envelope clutch (seen here)  to add a fun pop of colour and make the clutch more functional for walking around. (It works best if the bags have removable straps with clips or you may have to get really creative with how you attach them) Also have you noticed how sweatshirts are making a comeback?  If you still have one that is worn and weathered from your school days, dig it out, air it out, and wear it out! Cheers!

denim: Current/Elliott,  blouse: J.Crew (old but similar here),  sweatshirt: Zara (love this one),  sandals: Dolce Vita,  bag: vintage with customized strap (like this one and great deal on this one),  belt: Madewell,  shades: H&M (similar here),  watch: Michael Kors,  necklaces: Kate Spade “cheers,”  monogram (gift, similar here),  animal necklace: Butler & Wilson (cool one here).