Nov 2012

Second Skin

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I remember as a young girl how I would always have my “go to” outfit. It would be something that I was so in love with and felt that it just really captured “me.”  At the age of five it was a cotton sleeveless red dress that had a full skirt so I could twirl to my heart’s delight. I would always pair it with my white headband with a side bow (that my older sister got so sick of she once hid it behind her bed). I felt glamorous and ladylike and wore that dress every day of the week during the summer months.  Recently, these leather trousers have become my second skin.  Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint what it is about the item that strikes such a note within, and maybe it is a combination of feelings.  These leather trousers unexpectedly found their way into my life last week and it was just the bit of edge I needed in my routine.  Maybe it is their hardcore connotations, maybe it is the soft texture, or maybe even just the fact that they are warm and it is cold.  Whatever it may be it is a reflection of me as your clothes are the window to your personality.  My husband may stage an intervention in the near future and cite “excessive overuse……nerr” (as he pushes his glasses up his nose). But until then……  Cheers!

leather trousers: H&M (recent, similar here),  sweater: John Lewis (also like this one),  t-shirt: Anthropologie (similar here),  flats: London boutique (how fab are these!),  coat: vintage,  gloves: Urban Outfitters (similar here),  watch: Michael Kors,  bracelet: Julia Failley (similar here),  purse: Louis Vuitton

Nov 2012

Burger & Lobster

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When I first moved over to London a lobster roll was something that just did not exist.  I sometimes joke with my British friends when we are discussing products or foods that have yet to make it across the pond from the USA, not to worry….. Crystal Pepsi? Oh you’ll probably get it in about 10 years. So it was to my absolute delight when Burger & lobster opened about a year ago in Mayfair, followed by one in Soho, and now their newly opened third location in Farringdon.  The premise is simple. You can order a burger, a lobster, or a lobster roll all priced at £20. All are served with a simple green salad and a side of chips (french fries that require some serious restraint).  On the number of times I have frequented the restaurant I have only ordered the lobster roll. I promise to branch out soon, but why mess with a good thing. My favourite of the three locations is the one in Soho (they also take reservations for parties of 6 or more).  There is a nice openness to the space that does not make you feel quite so claustrophobic as all the locations tend to be quite packed.  They have a large lobster tank and if you want to branch out from the menu you can order a 10lb lobster for £150 to share with your dining companions (maybe).  I recommend showing up early, adding your name to the list at the door, leave your mobile number, and be ready to scoot when they ring you up with a free table. Cheers!




SOHO: 36 Dean St, W1D 4PS,  Open Monday to Sunday 12pm to 10:30pm

MAYFAIR: 29 Clarges St, W1J 7EF,  Open Monday through Saturday 12pm to 10:30pm, Sunday 12pm to 5:30pm

FARRINGDON: 40 St John’s St, EC1M 4AY,  Open Monday to Friday 12pm to 10:30pm, Saturday 4pm to 10:30pm, Closed Sundays


Nov 2012

My go to….

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Hello!  I am back! Last week was a perfect storm of busy schedules and paths that did not cross between my photographer hubs and me.  I hope you all had a lovely week!  This has been one of my go to ensembles as of late. Mixing textures and prints is an easy way to elevate an ensemble with minimal effort.  Silk trousers with a heavy knit cardigan is such a comfortable way to transition into cooler weather. I wore this to a gallery opening and then a dinner party over the weekend. I love it when I can re-use an outfit because there will be no crossover of guests at the events! That can be our little secret….Cheers!

trousers: Zara (old, LOVING these),  top: old (similar here),  sweater: J.Crew (old),  jacket: Zara (recent),  bag: Zara (old),  shoes: Nine West,  necklace: Accessorize,  lips: Illamasqua “Liable”