Born a Virginian, bred a New Yorker, currently a Londoner.

My life began in a very small town in Virginia where I was raised without television, just a simple VHS player and numerous Hollywood Classics (the influence of my wonderful mother). I grew up idolizing Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, Elizabeth Taylor, Gene Kelly, Vivien Leigh, and Katharine Hepburn amongst many others. If you glanced in my 3rd grade diary, I will neither confirm nor deny, but there may be a love letter to Benjamin from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. When not losing myself in the world of the Golden Oldies, I occupied my time by playing dress-up and make believe. My mother would often gaze through the window into the yard where she would see me singing a song to a tree or twirling and practicing my dance moves.  When I was four, I remember insisting upon wearing a wool skirt in the middle of the summer on a 90 degree day, because I wanted to! I dressed myself and had my “go-to outfits”, and I vividly remember the way they made be feel — happy, confident and fabulous! I remember how the power of putting on a certain ensemble could give me the confidence to achieve greatness… as does my younger sister when I put on a hot pink gymnastics leotard and leaped the four feet from my bed to hers in our shared bedroom, because I was miraculously now a gymnast (Note: All I succeeded in doing was breaking her bed. No high scores for me that day!)

This love of dress-up and make believe led me into acting and thus eventually to New York City. Living in the city for seven years was what I like to refer to as my “fashion education”.  I developed my style walking and observing the streets of New York and working in front of and behind the scenes in the retail side of the fashion world (which came about once I realised the world was just not ready for me as an actress).

I moved to London a year ago when the opportunity presented itself through my husband’s job.  When he first told me he had been offered the opportunity, we laughed and thought “How funny!” We were happy in NYC and not looking for a change. However after mulling it over, our thinking became more along the lines of, “Why not?!”  We were too comfortable. It was time to put ourselves out there and experience something new. Once in London I went through the whole spectrum of emotions. I was mourning the loss of all familiarity and sense of routine, while every Londoner I met would bewilderingly ask me, “Why did you leave New York?? We are all trying to figure out how to get there!”  Well…. New York will always have my heart.  After a bit of time passed, and when things did not materialise work-wise as I had hoped, I had a sudden moment of clarity and thought, “What a perfect time this would be to create my own little glamorous mark on the world.”

In the past, at every interview I went on when I was asked what my dream job would be, I would always say, “to be a stylist,” no matter how applicable it was to the job I was applying for. Recently I realised that rather than waiting for things to happen, you have to make them happen.  I decided that I should just leap, and the net will appear. So here I go attempting to make the world a more beautiful place one person at a time.

One of my “go to outfits” as a child. To me nothing was more glamorous than this ensemble. Of course I added a little sparkle in the form of a supermarket gumball machine ring and I am sure I directed my mother to take a picture to capture my natural acting ability.

The man behind the lens, the Spencer Tracy to my Katharine Hepburn,
my wonderful husband.