Bryant Park

Hello lovelies!  So Forever 21 is a store I definitely have a love/hate relationship with.  I think the amount of turnover of product is obscene and it directly feeds into the consumer mentality of buying something new for every weekend.  I am more of the mindset that you should buy pieces that will work throughout the seasons and you can incorporate into your wardrobe to mix and match to endless possibilities.  They also tend to rip off high end designers (this one being Halston Heritage. Remember SJP wearing the orange version in SATC2 walking along the beach? )  With that being said. This. dress. is. $32.80. If buying high end is not in your budget, this is the way to go.  I can just see it paired for the Fall with some booties, a chunky sweater, a belt and a camel colored fedora. Happy shopping! Cheers!

dress: Forever 21,  necklace: Blank from Anthropologie (old),  shoes: Mea Shadow,  shades: Asos,  bag: Louis Vuitton,  watch: Michael Kors

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