Sep 2012


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Hi lovelies! Since the (unofficial) theme of the week is sweatshirts I thought I would share a few of my current favourites with you! All perfectly comfortable and glamorously casual.  For a relaxed look on the go try pairing a sweatshirt with a pair of skinny denim and interesting flats, or glam them up with a skirt, or over a dress with some great heels and accessories.  Cheers!


Garance Dore for Kate Spade What a great design collaboration! It is pretty much sold out, but here’s to hoping they replenish the stock!


Manngo’s Paris Boutique sweatshirt is a little confusing.  Are we in Paris here or New York? Either way you can share your love of both cities and it has the word Paris in sequins!


Great Gatsby Novel Sweatshirt. One of my favourite books! I can not wait for the Baz Luhrmann film to come out this Christmas.


Gap Men’s Sweatshirt I just picked this one up! I am debating about whether to embark on a little DIY and paint the wings in gold….. or the letters.


J.Crew houndstooth sweatshirt. I love the pattern and this is by far one of the most well disguised and versatile sweatshirt options.

Apr 2012


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H&M officially launches their Exclusive Conscious Glamour Collection today! Above is one of the pieces I am currently obsessed with. Stunning! To view the full collection check out it out here at H&M.


photo courtesy of H&M

Dec 2011

Nail Rock

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Looking for a way to jazz up an ensemble for the holidays? Why not try accessorising your nails? There are a lot of products out there for unique nail art. As manicures are ridiculously overpriced in London, and none of them are as good as my little Korean nail parlour in NYC, this has become my go to. It is a really simple process, saves you on time and money and is bolder than a one color mani. No worries about your polish chipping, smudging a wet nail, hoping that the manicure will last through the week……

If you are really daring you could try the lip tattoos by Violent Lips and really add some ga ga to your ensemble.

www.nailrock.com,    www.violentlips.com

Dec 2011

Lipstick Queen

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Pucker up and pout! Lipstick Queen was first introduced to me by my good friend Marcy. She went into a long inspring story of the woman behind the product and how it came to be (story here) so I just had to give it a try for myself. I have since become a devoted follower as it truly does transform your lips, and I no longer have to ask my husband a few hours post application, “Do I still have lipstick on?” My current favorite of the lipsticks is the Saint Rouge as a bold red heavenly lip is perfect for the holidays.  I also just recently branched out and purchased the Space lip gloss from her Big Bang collection. It looks great worn alone or layered over a nude lipstick to give a nice subtle metallic sheen. Perfect for adding a little glamour to the scene, or nestling in a loved ones Christmas stocking,  or adding as a unique tie on bonus on a present.  Check out the website below to find a retailer near you!


Nov 2011

Glitz & Glam

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What more could a girl want for her birthday than a little bit of style, elegance and old Hollywood glamour? FIVE DOLLAR SHAKE makes the most beautiful cards as part of their Travilla Collection. They are adorned with artistic renderings by Bill Travilla, an Academy Award winning fashion and costume designer who worked with such icons as Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Faye Dunaway, Judy Garland, Marlene Deitrich…….

The perfect card to give to the perfect Icon in your life.