Mar 2012

St. Jame’s Park

No trip to London would be complete without feeding the birds! St. Jame’s Park is the oldest Royal Park in London and can be found nestled between Buckingham Palace, Westminster and St. Jame’s Palace.  It is a lovely setting for a stroll to observe the numerous flora and fauna that call it home. I become a giddy school girl when the boldness of the geese sends me squealing and running with them nipping at dirt where I was just standing. Keep an eye out for the coots, one of my favourite London species, and of course the black and white swans. Just be mindful of the specific feeding areas and be sure to come prepared with your own bread and a companion that can sing or hum “Feed the Birds.”


St. Jame’s Park

The park is open from 5:00am to midnight year round.

Guest photographer Tim Serkes.

Jan 2012

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Cloud Cuckoo Land is another little gem of a vintage store in one of my favourite shopping areas, Camden Passage. Almost like stepping into a shoebox, the space is a little tight but filled to the brim with beautifully selected dresses, coats, sweaters, scarves and jewellery that span the decades. My personal favourite are the to die for 1920’s flapper dresses!  Everything is in great condition and the pricing reasonable especially when compared to other vintage stores in the area. It is run by a charming woman who will gladly offer suggestions and has a great knowledge of the pieces. It is also right next door to Be Dazzle where you can add some glitz to your newly purchased ensemble!

Address:  6 Charlton Place
Camden Passage
London N1 8AJ

Telephone: 020 7354 3141 ‎

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 11:00am to 5:30pm