Channeling James Dean

There is just something about putting on a black leather jacket with a white t-shirt that always makes me think of James Dean and I love it. When inspired by a person and creating an ensemble as an homage to them, pick out a few classic and key elements that define them. Try not to re-create every detail of a specific outfit because there is a fine line between classic and costume-y (creative and delusional as well).  Because my inspiration is a man, rather than opt for an all masculine attire I mixed it up with a feminine cut trouser in a typical menswear fabric and accessorised with a touch of sparkle with the belt and earrings. A red pair of heels is the final rebel touch to add a bit of intrigue. Have a great weekend! Cheers!

trousers: Anthropologie,   jacket: Leifsdottir,  t-shirt: J.Crew,  heels: Primark,  earrings: Banana Republic,  belt: Free People,  watch: Michael Kors,  lips: Goodbye by Lipstick Queen


Guest photographer: Tim Serkes

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