channeling the 80’s

Hello lovelies! Contrasting sleeves have slowly been resurfacing in fashion for some time now. I am hesitant to commit to something (and add pieces to my wardrobe) that is so trend based and could merely be a passing seasonal phase. Easy solution…. create your own! By pairing a waistcoat over a sequin jacket it creates the contrasting look I am going for. Mixing it up with a striped top and white trousers, for a glam throwback to the eighties, I am all set for my happy hour rendezvous. Have a great weekend!! Cheers!

trousers: H&M,  striped blouse & earrings: J.Crew,  sequin jacket: vintage,  waistcoat: Gap,  shoes: Primark,  arrow pin: vintage,  clutch: old,  watch: Michael Kors

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