Looking ahead….

Goodness golly gee it is mid-August! Where did the summer go?!  I know I spent a lot of time back and forth between the UK and the USA with weddings and weddings and more weddings….. So the summer has slowly slipped between my fingers, but I shall be making the most of the remainder of this sunny weather with picnics in the park and day trips to the beach.  With August winding down it is becoming that time to look ahead to Fall and all the glorious things it has in store. For instance brocade, mixing and matching patterns and getting your “cray cray” on (aka crazy, as that is what my husband called this outfit when he saw it).  Seriously just when you think your outfit couldn’t handle another print…. add one.  Treat stripes as a neutral and mix in some spots, dots, swirls and thingamabobs. The more looks you get on the street the better! You should not ask yourself “why?” your mantra should be “why not!” Cheers!

trousers: Asos,  blouse: J.Crew (similar here & here),  jacket: J.Crew (good jacquard one here),  belt: vintage,  bracelet: J.Crew,  watch: Michael Kors,  necklace: J.Crew (different colours here),  shoes: Zara (similar here & here),  bag: Chanel (great one here!)

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