Midas touch

Hello lovelies!  So I picked up this chevron romper last season at H&M and had been using it as a swimsuit cover up because of the sheerness of the fabric. However, I got this idea in my head that I wanted to wear it out to dinner while in Nice and accent it with gold touches hence giving it a “Midas touch.”  I thought, “Well, you know it actually is not that see through, because the pattern is so visually distracting that you don’t really see through the fabric, but instead your eyes just focus on the pattern.”  (Whatever it takes to convince yourself.)  I decided to wear my swimsuit bottoms just in case (totally knew in the back of my mind what was going to happen), and I must have asked my husband three or four times while we were getting ready in the hotel room, “Is this see through?”  To which he replied, “Yep,” every time. And each time I kept saying, “No, you see the pattern right?” And he would say, “Nope. I see your underwear.”  Well once we were out and walking about, the stares started happening.  I mean men (and women) at dinner tables turning to watch as I walked by.  I finally accepted that yes, maybe my outfit was  a little sheer, but also, life is all about the choices we make. I could dash back to the hotel room and change into something a little less revealing or I could soldier on with my head held high.  I decided on the latter, as this was quite a step out of my personal comfort zone, and I think it is good to test your fashion limits every now and again.  Whether you leap across the line or just dip your toe in the other side, you are breaking out of your norm and challenging yourself. Just remember that there is a time and place for everything, and as luck would have it, later that evening while we were dining outdoors, it started pouring down rain. So maybe that was some higher power saying kudos on wearing a swimsuit to dinner. Cheers!

romper: H&M (old),  heels: Chie Mihara (old),  necklace: KJL,  clutch: Kate Spade,  cuffs: Asos

Snazzy GIF thanks to the hubs who spent a good amount of time making the magic happen. Thank you!

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