Pajamas in Public

Hi lovelies!  Do you remember being in 8th or 9th grade (maybe even up through University, I’m not judging) and wearing pajamas to school during your exams?  Oh, it was just all that rigorous studying and you couldn’t spare a moment to put together an outfit that consisted of a pair of actual trousers and a top.  Well…. you could…. but it was way cooler to show up to school in your pajamas.  Everyone was doing it, and as I attended a school with a strict dress code, it was the one time of year we could actually push the boundaries and not get a demerit for a dress code violation and end up spending Saturday morning in detention. True story.  Flash forward to your adult life and you still see people rocking their pajamas in public.  However, walking around in your flannel pajama bottoms and a t-shirt in your 20’s and 30’s just doesn’t quite cut it anymore.  (side note: Unless you are trying to pick up guys at University to which one of my good friends thought, “Hey at least they will know you are ready for bed!”)  As an adult getting your jam on in your jammies can combine two of my favourite looks: “borrowing from the boys” and “effortless chic.” Try pairing a classic pajama top (in love with this monogram set) with a fun trouser and a pair of mens inspired loafers.  I am loving these Mcqueen inspired ones I recently picked up at Zara (for a fraction of the price). Finish the look with edgy accessories or a pop of unexpected colour and get on with your bad bed loving self.  Cheers!

pajama top: J.Crew,  trousers: Asos (also loving the skirt),  loafers: Zara (similar here),  watch: Michael Kors,  bracelet: Asos,  envelope clutch: shop in Paris (loving this one & this one),  necklace: Butler & Wilson (a fab lion one here)

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