sugar plum

Today’s showstopper ensemble is inspired by the Christmas classic “The Nutcracker.”  As a child I was in love with the sugar plum fairies, mainly for their glamorous costumes, and when I laid eyes on this skirt I thought it was the perfect homage to a childhood favourite.

Feathers are a great way to add a luxurious and whimsical feel to an ensemble. When wearing a statement piece such as a feathered skirt I love contrasting it with a more casual piece such as a cashmere sweater that adds a nice complementary balance. Layering necklaces is a great way to personalise your outfit and create your own look. My tip is that you should never be afraid to experiment, with different materials, colours and textures.  I love mixing vintage costume jewellery with modern day pieces. Vintage pieces are an inexpensive way to add glamour and layering pearls, faux diamonds and clear jewels nicely complement one another and are visually arresting. With an outfit such as this you will be ready to sweetly dance the night away….

skirt: Massimo Dutti,  top: Anthropologie,  shoes: Beverly Feldman,  necklaces: J.Crew, vintage & Issy Salomon,  lips: Space by Lipstick Queen

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