Aug 2013

Troop Beverly Hills

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AmsterdamI love putting on an outfit and getting a sudden flashback to a childhood memory. Once I tied the scarf around my neck all I could think of was Shelley Long in the film “Troop Beverly Hills.” Classic. I know when I was in the girl scout’s when I was younger I would have loved a big skirt as part of the uniform.  Therefore I thought this was appropriate attire for leading the troops around Amsterdam. Too bad I didn’t have a whistle…..  Cheers!


Amsterdamskirt: J.Crew sample,  shirt: J.Crew,  scarf: Uniqulo (recent),  flats: Asos,  bag: J.Crew,  necklace: Kate Spade,  watch: Michael Kors,  shades: Ray Ban

Aug 2013

Taking a Moment….

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Taking a moment….in Amsterdam!!  August is the month of travel. How European I have become in the two and a half years of living here. After our sailing of the Adriatic we made a quick weekend getaway to Amsterdam with two other couples. We arrived a day earlier than the rest of our party which gave me time to explore vintage shops (check out my instagram for a glimpse at some of the goods “mjintheuk”), home good stores and coffee breaks in the form of a macchiato 😉  For an outfit that would take me from an early morning flight to a questionable bedtime I opted for distressed denim, a sensible pair of walking shoes, and a bit of glitz in the form of a sequin top. The top drew a bit of attention at the airport  by a businessman heading to Edinborough who said he hoped I was “headed somewhere fun.” My response, “I am the fun.”  Hope you are all enjoying the last rays of summer wherever you may be! Cheers!

Taking momentTaking a momentdenim: Zara,  shoes: Asos,  top: J.Crew,  shades: Ray Ban,  watch: Michael Kors,  necklace: Kate Spade,  bag: Louis Vuitton