Dec 2012

Christmas Soiree

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Hello!! I am back! Apologies for the long absence. Life has just been a little crazy lately. This week I wanted to share with you some outfits that I have worn to a few Holiday parities recently. I remember our first Christmas in London last year we did not have a single holiday party to attend.  I was so bummed. We were new to the city and still finding our way and meeting people.  Flash forward a year and our December calendar has been full! We have been prancing around town party hopping and sharing in all the good cheer.  What a difference a year makes!  I am so thankful for all the dear friends we have here who have enriched our lives and London experience.  Hope you are all well and enjoying the final countdown before Christmas!  Cheers!

skirt: vintage (similare here),  blouse: Amazon (similar here),  jacket: Massimo Dutti (similar herehere),  shoes: Nine West,  earrings: Forever 21,  cufflinks: Reiss (love these), bag: vintage Chanel (swoon here)

Oct 2012

Power Suit

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Hello lovelies!  I spotted this little sequin number when I was in H&M recently and of course was instantly drawn to the sparkle combo. It is a whole lot of outfit but I am kind of obsessed with it!  Some genius out there thought, what if an 80’s power suit was combined with an 80’s cocktail dress?  Disaster or dynamic?  Fabulous together, but the pieces would also work wonderfully as separates.  It is also never too early to start thinking about your New Year’s Eve outfit!  You will literally light up the room when you enter and what a great fail safe option for if the power goes out! People can point some flashlights at you, pop on some Hall & Oates and voila, the human disco ball saves the party again! Cheers!

skirt & jacket: H&M (recent),  chambray shirt: J.Crew,  tie: borrowed from the husband (similar here),  along with the tie clip (similar here, and love this one),  shoes: Nine West (similar here),  lips: Kate Moss for Rimmel