Oct 2012

Columbia Road Flower Market

Posted in Stores

One of my favourite places on a lazy Sunday is Columbia Road Flower Market. It makes me feel as if I am stepping back in time to the when vegetable and fruit markets were the main source of shopping in London and men and women loudly hawked their wares, “Three for a fiver….  who’s buying?”  If you are an insomniac like me it is best to get there early (they are usually assembled by 8am) if you want to steer clear of the crowds.  It can become very congested and the space is tight.  However if you do go later in the day the florists are more eager to sell off their goods so they slash prices and you can walk out with an armful of flowers for a few pounds.  (Things tend to wind down around 3pm.)  There are some great independent stores that line the road as well that are definitely worth checking out before you take your leave. Cheers!