Feb 2014

Stepping Out

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Stepping OutHello! It seems Mother Nature has unleashed her fury here in London lately.  However, I will take wind and rain any day over the freezing temperatures and endless snow that NYC seems to be getting pummeled with this winter.  Looking on the bright side as well I had the perfect natural wind fan for that tousled hair (all in your face) look as you can see in the below photo. I hope you are well and safely riding out the storms wherever you may be. Cheers!Stepping Out Stepping Out


Stepping Outdenim: Levis,  shoes: J.Crew,  tuxedo top: Amazon,  blazer: J.Crew,  jacket: Zara,  clutch: Kate Spade NY,  necklaces: J.Crew

Nov 2013


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Megadon Hello!  It has been quite a few months and the blogging hiatus has finally come to an end.  I am finally back on my “foot” and re-joining the world of the living.  The old adage that things happen in three has proved true in my case as it was a shattered ankle, followed by appendicitis and then an infection. I am happy that it all happened in a timely fashion when I was already down for the count and recuperating as I had my wonderful husband, friends and neighbors to look after me. With my fancy boot I now also answer to the moniker “Megadon,” part woman, part transformer.

It seems in my convalescence that I have missed the gradual change of the seasons from Summer to Fall and there is already a nip in the air.  Christmas decorations are up in department stores and the lights are waiting to be turned on to twinkling on Regent Street. My oh my.  So as I slowly swap out PJ’s and loungewear I am sticking to the basics for Fall: cozy sweaters, plush scarves and layers upon layers.  Hope you are well and warm in your little nook of the world. Cheers!


denim: Zara (similar here),  sweater: Gap,  scarf: Zara,  jacket: J.Crew,  boots: Sam Edelman,  bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim,  shades: RayBan,  lips: Sleek Cherry

Aug 2013

Troop Beverly Hills

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AmsterdamI love putting on an outfit and getting a sudden flashback to a childhood memory. Once I tied the scarf around my neck all I could think of was Shelley Long in the film “Troop Beverly Hills.” Classic. I know when I was in the girl scout’s when I was younger I would have loved a big skirt as part of the uniform.  Therefore I thought this was appropriate attire for leading the troops around Amsterdam. Too bad I didn’t have a whistle…..  Cheers!


Amsterdamskirt: J.Crew sample,  shirt: J.Crew,  scarf: Uniqulo (recent),  flats: Asos,  bag: J.Crew,  necklace: Kate Spade,  watch: Michael Kors,  shades: Ray Ban