Nov 2012

Second Skin

Posted in There's {a} Way

I remember as a young girl how I would always have my “go to” outfit. It would be something that I was so in love with and felt that it just really captured “me.”  At the age of five it was a cotton sleeveless red dress that had a full skirt so I could twirl to my heart’s delight. I would always pair it with my white headband with a side bow (that my older sister got so sick of she once hid it behind her bed). I felt glamorous and ladylike and wore that dress every day of the week during the summer months.  Recently, these leather trousers have become my second skin.  Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint what it is about the item that strikes such a note within, and maybe it is a combination of feelings.  These leather trousers unexpectedly found their way into my life last week and it was just the bit of edge I needed in my routine.  Maybe it is their hardcore connotations, maybe it is the soft texture, or maybe even just the fact that they are warm and it is cold.  Whatever it may be it is a reflection of me as your clothes are the window to your personality.  My husband may stage an intervention in the near future and cite “excessive overuse……nerr” (as he pushes his glasses up his nose). But until then……  Cheers!

leather trousers: H&M (recent, similar here),  sweater: John Lewis (also like this one),  t-shirt: Anthropologie (similar here),  flats: London boutique (how fab are these!),  coat: vintage,  gloves: Urban Outfitters (similar here),  watch: Michael Kors,  bracelet: Julia Failley (similar here),  purse: Louis Vuitton