Dec 2011

Lipstick Queen

Posted in Inspiration

Pucker up and pout! Lipstick Queen was first introduced to me by my good friend Marcy. She went into a long inspring story of the woman behind the product and how it came to be (story here) so I just had to give it a try for myself. I have since become a devoted follower as it truly does transform your lips, and I no longer have to ask my husband a few hours post application, “Do I still have lipstick on?” My current favorite of the lipsticks is the Saint Rouge as a bold red heavenly lip is perfect for the holidays.  I also just recently branched out and purchased the Space lip gloss from her Big Bang collection. It looks great worn alone or layered over a nude lipstick to give a nice subtle metallic sheen. Perfect for adding a little glamour to the scene, or nestling in a loved ones Christmas stocking,  or adding as a unique tie on bonus on a present.  Check out the website below to find a retailer near you!