Nov 2013


Posted in There's {a} Way

Megadon Hello!  It has been quite a few months and the blogging hiatus has finally come to an end.  I am finally back on my “foot” and re-joining the world of the living.  The old adage that things happen in three has proved true in my case as it was a shattered ankle, followed by appendicitis and then an infection. I am happy that it all happened in a timely fashion when I was already down for the count and recuperating as I had my wonderful husband, friends and neighbors to look after me. With my fancy boot I now also answer to the moniker “Megadon,” part woman, part transformer.

It seems in my convalescence that I have missed the gradual change of the seasons from Summer to Fall and there is already a nip in the air.  Christmas decorations are up in department stores and the lights are waiting to be turned on to twinkling on Regent Street. My oh my.  So as I slowly swap out PJ’s and loungewear I am sticking to the basics for Fall: cozy sweaters, plush scarves and layers upon layers.  Hope you are well and warm in your little nook of the world. Cheers!


denim: Zara (similar here),  sweater: Gap,  scarf: Zara,  jacket: J.Crew,  boots: Sam Edelman,  bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim,  shades: RayBan,  lips: Sleek Cherry