Apr 2012

Pitt Cue Co.

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Y’all get excited. BBQ has made its arrival onto the London scene. True, it all started last summer as a food truck under the Hungerford Bridge and has only been in a permanent space for the past three months, but I am just showing up to the party.  Having grown up south of the Mason-Dixon Line in the South, BBQ was just a way of life. So much so that we had a pig roast the day after our wedding as a final Southern send off for guests. Pitt Cue Co did not disappoint. The ribs were amazing, as the meat was perfectly tender and fell right off the bone. The pulled pork BBQ itself was more of the sweeter variety, but oh so finger lickin’ good. The sides were delicious, and if you are seriously hungry or just take your BBQ by the pound, you have the option of ordering extra meat for only £5.  Probably the most amazing thing about Pitt Cue (in my humble opinion) is the pickleback shots, which are a two part shot–the first being a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. I first had one in NYC at one of my favourite little bars, Whiskey Tavern, and when we first moved to London, I tried as eagerly as possible to introduce them at parties, but received many a raised eyebrow by the Brits at my so called American hijinks. However, with pickles being gherkins over here and the majority of them being sweet, it has been only as a firm devotee that I have been able to hunt down dill pickles in Polish grocers.  At Pitt Cue they use sweet pickle juice which was a surprise at first, but not all that bad. At this point some of you may be thinking, it’s all bad! It is not for the faint of heart. If pickles are not your thing they also have a great list of American whiskeys and PBR! I highly recommend Pitt Cue for a full blown Americana experience but do take note the space is small and they do not take reservations, so I would stick to groups of 2. Cheers!

Wild Turkey & ginger ale (£4) The cow was my bar tab!


Pulled pork with mashed potatoes with the burnt tips of the meat, pickles & relish £9


BBQ ribs with baked beans, pickles & relish £9


Picklebacks!! (£4 each)



Address: 1 Newburgh St, London W1F 7RB

Telephone: 020 7287 5578

Hours: Monday through Saturday 12:00pm to 3:00pm and 6:00pm to 11:00pm (NOTE: the kitchen is only open during the evenings until 10:00pm). Also NO RESERVATIONS so show up first thing or be prepared to wait….. the space is tiny.